Restrictions for levels not working

Hello, lately, not sure when exactly our restricted pages will now allow exceptions for Level 1 and above. I also added a category to be restricted in the new version of S2member and those pages still are not accessible my members who have the correct membership.

They just see this message: Discover all fellow EASLCE members and get in touch with them. (Updated Automatically, only visible to members after login.)

You do not have access to this list, or are not logged in.

But Admins can see the member directory, that is no problem. Its just all levels below that apparently cannot.

Thoughts? Help? Thanks Sara xo

You need to provide more details, such as the settings you have selected and any shortcodes you’re using.

Sorry, of course here’s the run down Website page that people cannot access. Link

  • Version 210526 + s2Member Pro v210526
  • WordPress 5.4.6
  • Shortcode on page [userlist list=5]

S2 Member Settings

  • page restricted to level 1 and above
  • page restricted to category titled “restricted”

Only admins can see this page currently. In the past it was never a problem.

Thanks for your feedback!


Some pages, as is this one, are restricted also by id. Level 1 or Higher, but Level 1’s cannot see the content.

It sounds as though you are restricting the page by both level and ccap. That means that a user needs to have both those qualities. Can you not just protect the page by level alone?

Hi , I started with just the first one but that was not working so I added the category.
Thanks for the suggestion though.

What do you mean by “that was not working”? What were you expecting and what happened?

Hi Tim,

I was expecting that when a page has a level 1 or higher restriction for viewing that it will only allow level 1 or higher. It was not doing that despite me setting that up.
It used to function that way, but it does not do that anymore.
Only admins can see that page when logged in.

Hope that explained that better?


That doesn’t explain why you added the ccap restriction. That just adds another restriction and so would make the problem worse.

If a post or page restricted at level 1 is not viewable by someone with a Level 1 role, then you have something else adding another restriction: possibly one you’ve added yourself, or possibly added by another plugin.

The only way to know which is to deactivate all other plugins and then see what happens when a level 1 user tries to access a level 1 post or page.