Restrict User profile edit from lower level profiles

Can I restrict User Profile Restriction for lower levels of S2 Membership? A plugin that will do it is WP User Profile Restriction but if I can stay wit6hin the functionality of the S2 member plugin I would rather do so.


Hey Fred,

Yes you can. In the s2 General options, look for Member Profile Options.
Then Redirect Members away from the Default Profile Panel.
Enable Yes…

Then you can use the s2 short codes to only display the edit option to specific member levels.

Pseudo Code: Allow edit profile level 2 or greater…

[s2If current_user_can(access_s2member_level2)]
Show and edit profile info for Members who are logged in with an s2Member Level >= 2.
[s2Member-Profile /]
Let them know they can’t edit or whatever bla bla bla.

Note: Always test access with a non-admin account. S2 and WordPress handles security differently for Admins.

Awesome…will test and get back to you. Thanks again.