Restrict post read while allowing post listing


I have a simple question about restrictions on Categories:
I want the users to be able to see the post (and extract of the post), but not able to read the full post (restricting the read) if they are not subscribers. Is this possible?

all I’m able to find (and I’m new to this) is restricting all access to the post so the non-subscribers now can’t see the post.

you will have to block part of the post with shortcodes - the visible part you simply do not protect. But you have to do that for each post - you cannot automatically set like first 100 words free on this category.

Thanks alot for this

Good morning, folks, if you don’t mind, I’ll join this topic here.

I am struggling with similar (if not the same) problem as Madelen here…I want to category listing to be seen by anyone (no matter if logged in or not), but at the moment the category listing shows empty posts (showing only to logged users).
Is there anything I can do to remedy that?
openmtbmap suggested using shortcodes - any chance you can provide a sample for showing how to use the shortcodes to unprotect the part of the post? I am a total newbie with S2member and basically a content creator, not developer or dedicated admin, therefore I apologize beforehand for noob questions.

In the mean time, has any changes been made which would allow this?
It is exactly the scenario I have, where the post titles should be visible but not the content.


The restrictions will prevent loading the posts, but if you leave the post unrestricted, then in it you can protect part of its content with an s2If conditional as Felix said above. A customization could apply it to every post for you, leaving first part public and rest protected with a message to gain access.


Thanks for the feedback. I was hoping to avoid so much custom work…especially if/when I pass on the post creation to someone less technical.

Right, then a customization that applies it automatically to all posts would be a better option…

You can also play with the settings here: WP admin > s2Member > Restriction Options > Alt View

See if you get the restricted posts to still be listed. Then use something like the “more” block to specify up to where to preview its content.