Resetting the number of downloads

I have set a limit of 10 downloads/week for my level 2 members, however, it has happened that someone has either downloaded the same file twice or that their download has failed and they need to download the file again. Unfortunately, those “failed/mistake” downloads still count toward their max of 10/week. Is there a way for me to “remove” some downloads from the count for them?

According to this KBA, neither of those circumstances should count towards the maximum downloads. If it is, you should open an issue on GitHub reporting a possible bug with as much specific information as you can provide.

That said, you can reset the download counter for a particular user using the s2Member Advanced Import/Export Tools as explained in this KBA.

Trying to understand the format. So do you create and import a CSV file like this to set download count back to zero

“user_id” " “meta_key__wp_s2member_file_download_access_log”
“123” “0”

The article says you’d simply delete that row from the meta table, just match that user’s ID and the meta_key s2member_file_download_access_log.

*meta_key__wp_s2member_file_download_access_log Systematic use only. This is presented in the export file as a JSON object. This is how s2Member keeps track of a user’s file downloads within the current period, based on your configuration of s2Member. If you wish to reset the download count for a particular user, you could simply erase this data; i.e., empty this column for a particular user. s2Member will recreate the data automatically, giving the user a fresh start.

If you’re using PHP, then it’d be something like this:

delete_user_option($user_id, 's2member_file_download_access_log');


This is a bit above my knowledge.
Can I just go into PHPMYADMIN and DELETE the RECORD ROW with that user_id from wp_usermeta table?

Yes, of course. :slight_smile:

I know this is old but is there now (with the few updates) a simpler way to either reset or correct the download count for a user? and I mean something SIMPLE.

Or maybe it could be added to the (probably long) to-do list?