Repeating sections in Profile

I am thinking of using s2Member with Event Espresso (or other event plugin). I need to have repeating parts of the member profile. For example, they can have multiple pets in their profile with a number of fields for each. The idea is that when they sign up for an event, they can select which pet they are bringing to that event.

Is this possible with s2Member profiles? If not, do you know of another plugin that can store more complex profiles like this that works with s2Member?


Hi Lorie.

You can create custom profile fields with s2Member. WP Admin > s2Member > General > Registration/Profile Fields

Not sure what you mean with repeating fields, though. You mean creating it once, and let the user enter more than one value for it?

Other plugins that add profile fields would still work with s2Member there. Those fields would now show on s2Member forms, but they would in the ones that plugin adds them to, like their own forms, or the deafult WP ones, e.g. the user editor, wp-login.


The repeating piece is a block of several fields. Say you were storing family details and you could have any number of kids listed in your profile and there are 6 fields you need for each kid. Obviously you could set up enough fields to cover 5 kids, for example, but that’s limiting and inefficient.

I see. Yeah, I understand what you mean.

Sorry, s2Member doesn’t provide that with the custom fields. One option would be to have a textarea and ask the person to add one kid per line, but that has its own complications.

I made a note of what you described, and will have it in mind when working on an improved version of the custom profile fields.