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Is there a method to rent digital products with s2member? I mean, a sort of custom capabilities with an end of time?

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Try PayPal Buttons… Specific Post/Page (Buy Now) Buttons

Same for Stripe (it has both Links and Forms options for Specific Post/Page and it has a list of expiration choices for you to choose).

Or you can create a regular subscription button/form and turn the recurring off for it by using rr=“0” if you don’t want for it to be recurring. That would allow you to not only define the membership level but also any desired custom capability.

Look at the “shortcode attributes” part of the page that has Stripe Pro Forms or PayPal Buttons.

I hope it helps.

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Well, the custom capabilities can be used to protect files. WP Admin > s2Member > Download Options > Custom Capability & Level Files

But ccaps don’t have their own EOT, the EOT applies to the level role… WP Admin > s2Member > PayPal Options > Auto-EOT Behavior

You can use something like the s2Drip shortcode to wrap the link to the protected file, though.

They will still have access to the file if they have the ccap, but would need the link to it, and that can be protected with the s2drip, that does work with ccaps to limit times. If they didn’t save the link and can’t guess it, it could be good enough for what you want and already have.

I do want to have EOTs for ccaps in the future. I’m adding your vote for that feature.


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