Renewals do Not Promote User Role


I am experiencing an odd problem after migrating the WordPress installation to LAMP installation running Apache 2.4.46 / PHP 7.4.10 / Wordpress 5.6 with gateway.

New memberships are working just fine, with the role of new users assigned to either level1 or level 2. Also, EOT demotions are working just fine.

However, neither the user role or new EOT updates when a member purchases a renewal.

The s2 scanner reports Missing MySQL extension and Missing Mcrypt extension. However, these extensions are no longer supported by PHP 7.4.

Am I using an unsupported version of PHP or could there be some other issue?

Just to be clear, the problem is that on upgrades the user role does not change and the new EOT does not appear. However, new subscriptions work just fine.

Apparently the problem was related either to some metadata in the custom theme used to force ssl. s2member_force_ssl

The code interfered with the redirection or form submission so that the transactions was sent through to, but did not trigger an update in the database to change the role of the user or enter the new EOT.

Forcing the ssl is no longer necessary because the entire site now uses SSL, which is enforced by mod security.

I suspect something in the update in the wordpress version did not react well to the metadata in the custom theme.