Removing "Last Name" requirement on signup

We are using the Pro version, and would like to remove the “Last Name” requirement on all registration forms, and on the PayPal Pro forms.

Any pointers anyone?


Hi guust.

There’s this setting: WP Admin > s2Member > General > Registration/Profile Fields & Options


I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Hi Christian, but I want to keep the first name requirement.
And we use PayPal Pro Forms who expect first and last name.
So we need to edit the registration form somehow by either removing the last name field, and the PayPal Pro form so it does not look for the last name either.
I hope this is clearer …

Yeah, I understand you only want the first name and the setting is both or none, but it’s the only setting for that.

You could try creating a custom template for the pro-form and hard-code a value for the last name so it’s not empty, and hide it. Test with PayPal how the name displays there.

I have never tried, but it’s an idea you can start with to do what you’re asking. I hope it helps.