Removing a Particular Custom Capability

Hello. I have around 4000 members on my website and over the years, I have offered only two custom capabilities. I now want to remove one of these custom capabilities from the user’s profile. Is there a script or command I can run against the database to remove just that capability from the users? Trying to avoid having to edit each user manually.

You can do it, but there isn’t an existing script specifically for it.

You can just leave that ccap in the users’ profiles without any consequence, you just stop using it to protect content or give access, that’s all. Does that not work for your setup?

Thanks for replying Cristian… I have been using s2member for almost 2 decades now and it has done everything (and more) that I needed it to do. It’s an amazing plugin. This year we decided to migrate our website to a custom developed mobile app and as such I was just looking to clean up our database.

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Ah, gotcha! makes sense.

I also went through a cleanup of my database recently, some of it similar to what you’re saying. So it’s absolutely possible to do it, but I did require to write custom code to do each custom thing.

Wordpress doesn’t have anything to handle users in bulk properly, not even a few hundred, much less thousands.

I do custom development for some clients, and just finished a job, so have a bit of free time. If you need to get someone to write the code for you, just let me know.