Registration with Token

Hello!, i want only people who i give a specific token to be able to register through open registration.
I looked at the custom fields in the registration form but there is not an alternative like this.
Any thoughts on how can i achieve this?

Hi Paul.

Not sure about a technical solution for this but I’m wondering if offering a coupon code that makes registration free or that creates a free trial period for however long you decide.

I suppose this would be more like a make-shift solution.

hello markus, thanks, i thought of that, only i don´t use any payment integration, so i wouldnt know how to generate a coupon like that. Is it possible to create it with S2 alone and then use it without payment integration?

Hi Paul,

As Markus suggests, you can generate a registration access link as shown in this (very old) KB article …

… it’s under the menu option “PayPal Pro-Forms”, which (I’m guessing) might require you to enable the payment gateway option “PayPal Website Payments Pro”. I’m assuming that you could enable this payment gateway and then starting creating the above type of registration access link even if you don’t intend to allow customers to pay via PayPal.