Registration page is blank

I have had s2member installed for 5 years with no problems. Everything is updated (core & plugins), but suddenly after payment, the registration page is now completely blank. They cannot set up their account. They get the automated email with a link to register as well, but the registration via link is blank as well. Anyone else experience this? Please help!

Never mind. It was the WordPress update. I lost the registration page association. I deactivated s2member, set so anyone could register, reassociated the registration page, and reactivated s2member. It works again!


Remember the first law of software engineering: Don’t Panic. :slight_smile: Glad you figured it out.

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Glad you sorted it out! Thanks for the update. :smiley:

Scott, your post here helped me fix the same problem, so thank you for posting what you did!

I’m having this trouble again - first time I’ve added a new event in 2024, and publishing it sends me a 404 error. Whaaaaaaaaaaat?

You’re talking about a publication problem, not a registration, though, so seems different from the problem described earlier.

Do you remember what has changed on your installation recently? any updates or installations?

Is the event a wordpress page or post? Is it public or private? are you trying to view it logged in as admin or guest when you get the 404? is the link to view it the correct one?

When you try to view it, do you click on the link in the editor? or you can’t even publish it? why do you suspect s2Member for this?

Please give me as many details as you can.