Registration page error

Hello, I’m new to S2 Member (free version) and in the process of setting up. I get as far as Registering and it works fine for me because I am signed in as the Admin. A new user tries to register and no matter what username they pick it comes back with:

“Error: This username is invalid because it uses illegal characters. Please enter a valid username”

I could not find an exact match searching for answers here and Google has an array of solutions pointing to several solutions depending on the Theme or editing code in WordPress. Everything I have installed is up to date. Appreciate any help. Thank you.

I get a different error on your site. But still I think you may have a plugin conflict. Have you tried to disable all of you plugins and register? Specifically any spam, captcha or other form monitoring plugins.

I also noticed an odd cookie. You may want to disable some of your ‘custom’ code as well.

REGISTRATION BLOCKED: The registration request was blocked because it was flagged as spam. Please try again or contact the site owner for help.

Thank you Debbie. I disabled CAPTCHA for forms and deactivated a popup. That clears the first “Invalid username” hurdle. I get the same as you have now. I’ll keep digging.

So, you took down your demo. I assume you got the issue fixed. Can you share the solution for others?

Yes I uninstalled s2 member and got a refund. Don’t need a membership plugin with learndash. You can remove my request if you wish. Thanks, I got tied up trying to get the site back up