Registration forms not displaying properly

Yesterday I upgraded to the s2Member Pro Version from the free version to make use of some of the additional features, but now I am having trouble with the forms not displaying properly.

Before upgrading, I set up some custom fields and they displayed fine on the registration form. Now though, the formating is not displaying the input fields correctly. If it works, I have attached a screenshot of part of the form to show what it is doing below.

I’ve had a look on here and can’t see anything that helps. The knowledgebase article on the main s2Member site isn’t really much help because none of the screenshot images on there are loading for me. I’ve already got the css/js lazy loading option no and the only thing that I changed between the free version working and the paid version not working was the installation of the paid version.

I’ve been unable to identify any javascript errors, but I don’t really know what I’m doing with that.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help with this.

Hi Adrian.

I suspect that something is introducing a JavaScript conflict… Could you do some plugin/theme conflict tests?

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile:

I set up a sub-domain to test a clean install with because I really didn’t want to risk losing anything I’d already done and followed the gradual activation of the various plugins. It seems that everything works fine together on the default theme, but as soon as I activated the theme I’m using on the actual site, the form changes to that in my screen shot.

So after all that it seems like it’s a conflict with the theme, which in case anyone else finds they have a similar problem, is ElegantWriting (version 2.4) by ThemeEverest.

I was looking to change the theme at some point in the future as I just grabbed something that looked suitable to get the website started at the time of setting up, so I guess that’ll be the next thing to work on. I’m fairly new to alot of this stuff with Wordpress and plugins although we’ve had the website for about a year now.

Thanks for the tip.

Thought I’d add one final comment to this as an update. I had a look at the style.css file in the theme’s folder and found a float: left; property for the label tag (think I used the right terms to describe that)

Removing the " label { float: left; } " from the theme’s style.css file seems to have fixed it and the form looks properly aligned now.