Registration Form Fields. Uneditable Info Text Field

When adding additional fields to the S2M registration form, it would be helpful to be able to add an informational field, that is not actually part of the form.

This is particularly useful if people are wondering why the additional information is required. (personally I’d like to see a two stage registration where only the email address (and names) are gathered and after email confirmation, the additional info is required to complete the registration – but that’s another post :slight_smile:

What I propose is to add a very minor fix / adjustment that will allow this to happen.

For Form Field Type, most cases it would make sense to choose: Form Field Type: Text Area

The Field Label / Description will become the would then become the Title : eg Read Me or Info
(Give it a unique file id)
(Select No for required - so asterisk is not shown)
(Choose level as required.)

What needs to be added to make it an admin only info field is in the 'Allow Profile Edits". it simply needs to add two categories that are missing.

No (uneditable & visible during registration)
No (uneditable & visible during and after registration)

There is already:

Yes (editable)
No (uneditable after registration)
No (uneditable & totally invisible after registration)
No (uneditable & totally invisible. both during & after registration)
Yes (editable after registration / & invisible after registration)

(On that note, is the word “totally” really required? Remove to save a few bytes?)

Is this considered a feature request? Do the coders visit the forum? Can a mod or someone who knows a lot more about the forum than I do forward it?