Registration before checkout - need help

Aloha. New user of s2Member Pro. I’m trying to upgrade my club’s website from just using a worpress form and google sheets to keep track of members to using s2Pro. I’ve been reading the ‘Getting Started’ page, but it’s not sinking in through my thick skull, so I need to ask for assistance. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Here is how I envision my registration flow:

  • A new member visits my club’s website, clicks on the link to the ‘join us’ page

  • On the join us page is a description of the process, he clicks ‘sign up’ and goes to the registration form

  • After filling out the registration form, he can select ‘pay by credit card’ or ‘pay via check’

  • for credit card payment, he’s taken to PayPal

  • For check payment, he’s taken to a page with details on who to make the check out to, and where to mail it. From my research, I understand that on this path, the new member is a ‘free’ (i.e. level 0) member and I will have to upgrade him to the paid-in-full level manually once I receive the check.

First question: Can this flow be done without custom programming using s2Pro?

2nd question: Assuming the answer to #1 is ‘yes’, how do I get the buttons needed to select paypal or check onto the registration page? Or, if the buttons don’t go on the registration page, where do they go?

Mahalo (thank you) in advance,

Harry Z

Anyone? Really need some assistance. Mahalo (thank you)