Redirection clickbank doens't work

hi after i change the original thank you page

after I bought it on clickbank it return to the s2member thank you page.
please may you help me?

i have the version PRO, but this plugin doesn’t have a customer service???

Hi Benjamin.

Where did you change the return URL? In the product’s configuration over at ClickBank? Can I see a screenshot?

In the default thank-you page you see, is there any message about a problem or it seemed to go well?

In your s2member logs, is there any notice of a problem or all looks fine? Wp Admin > s2Member > Log Files


hi there ,

this is the screenshot.

there is something wrong i don’t know why after the purchase and from clickbank i hit on more information about this product, the first time comes error 509 and blank page,
but if i retry again the same button it goes to the thank you page.

and not redirect to my thank you page

The URL in the screenshot seems fine.

Hmm… I’d like to see that behavior… Would it be possible that you send me a ClickBank test card in a private message, and the URL to the page with the button to buy the product? I’ll send you a private message here so you can just reply to it with the info.

Also, please have logging enabled in s2Member, so you can pick all the relevant entries from the log files and show them to me.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thank you,

i have other problem now click bank doesn’t accept the course , that i’m selling because when they tried to go the thank you page , the link s2member thank you page get an error.

please i need help

The message about Post vars in that page, is because s2Member expect Post vars from ClickBank when the user is returned from the checkout. Since the URL is being loaded without those, you get that message.

You can explain that behavior to the ClickBank guys, and show them how the URL has a redirection to the page you point to, and give them a link to check that one out. They could also do a test purchase and see the page they’re taken to.

They should understand. There are hundreds of sites using these and they have their products approved.

In cany case, even while waiting to be approved, it should be possible to do test purchases, right? So I’ll check what you sent me.


ok i’ll do it, but please may you check becuase the redirection doesn’t work, so i can’t send to verify to clickbank.

please may you help me , can you try to buy it,and you will see the error 509 and after that you can go to s2member thank you page and doesn’t redirect to my thank you page.

I did a test purchase.

When I clicked the green button, I got a download prompt for a doc file.

When I clicked the link for More Information, I was taken to your site, but then got a gateway error…


I checked your log file after my purchase, and I see the return log entry mentions the thank-you page correctly, and no errors…

The URL when I got the 502 was a long one, I don’t know if the problem is related to this:

I would check with your webhost about the 502 error.

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile:

Hi, how are you?
ok i fixed I don’t have the error 502 , now it go to thank you page of s2member, but I don’t know why doesn’t go to my thank you page.

thank you

Thanks, Ben.

I tried a new purchase, and again got the 502. This is the URL in the address bar when I got the error.