Redirected to MOP instead of desired welcome page

I have set my welcome page special redirect as “https://www.mysite/welcome-%%current_user_level%%

When a level 1 user logs in they are redirected to the MOP and not /welcome-1

However, If I change the page slug to 1-welcome-1 or I deactivate s2 everything works fine.

The welcome page has a ‘level 1 and above s2 setting, I am hosted on a siteground shared server with https, I have deactivated all other plugins, cleared cache and restored htaccess with no change.

What setting have I missed in s2?

That sounds odd…

So the redirect is to /welcome-1 and it works if the page’s slug is /1-welcome-1? That’s weird.

The MOP redirection would happen if the user sent there doesn’t have the level 1 access you protected the page with. After being sent to the MOP, what are the vars in the URL?

If you remove the level 1 restriction from that page, does the Login Welcome Page redirection take you to the /welcome-1 page?