Redirect after login leaves USER at the login page

I have a Pro version, in two sites. Until recently everything was working perfectly. I have a redirect established and that was working fine.

Today, I logged on a as USER and found that the redirect after logon on ONE of the sites is now malfunctioning - it actually LOGS ON but leaves the USER on the login page, thinking that nothing has happened.

a) I have reinstalled s2member from the download site
b) I have uninstalled ALL plugins
c) changed theme templates
d) none of that worked - if I deactivate s2member, it redirects to ‘admin page’ as subscriber. If I reactivate, it leaves the USER at the login page

finally I got another redirect plugin and THAT worked, but I would like to get s2member again.

I have watched the videos on the redirect issue, read all the material but no symptoms are like mine - ie, working one day, not the next. I HAVE installed plugin updates recently, but have uninstalled them all and the issue remains.

I am wondering if someone can login and have a look

This appears to have been rectified - I did a full restore - seems “Theme My Login” may have created issues