Recurring ccap for subscriber level?


We’re using s2member for a 2-sided marketplace with “clients” at the subscriber level and “vendors” at levels 1-3 based on a 3-tiered paid subscription. We currently have users at all levels. We recently pivoted and are now offering a paid service to the clients (subscribers) as well.

I can successfully set up a one-time custom capability at a given price for level 0, but is there a way to offer them a recurring monthly plan for a custom capability? I’ve read some posts about s2member not yet being capable of concurrent subscriptions, but what about a workaround for subscriptions to custom capabilities at level 0?

I think my only other option is to move everyone up a level so I can have access to level 1 for a paid subscription for “clients”, but the thought of updating all users’ roles and going through all the code to adjust permissions across the site makes my chest tighten.

Thanks in advance for the help!


Right, custom capabilities by themselves can’t be sold as subscriptions. Subscriptions are for levels. So the solution for ccaps has been to add them to a level. This also implies that if that level’s subscription ends, you have to remove that ccap. EOTs are for levels, not ccaps. You can have the EOT remove ccaps, but it takes all ccaps, not just one.

You can have some custom code to add or remove ccaps, though.

What you can do if you add a level, is that instead of bumping them all up to free up level 1, you can add a higher level that is unused and edit it to remove the access to the lower ones, and maybe even add the ccap to that role directly.

I hope that helps and gives you some ideas to work with.


Great tip with the higher level role, thank you!

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