Recurring capability

I have the requirement to set up a recurring capability, and am not sure whether this is supported or not, using s2member-Pro-Forms. The scenario is this:

The site has a number of levels (up to 10). Now I have 2 or 3 recurring items which I need to add to these levels, but independent of the levels. That is, the levels should not change, as having 30 or 40 or 50 levels would rapidly devolve into a maintenance nightmare.

So, I have for example level-2 and the customer wants to include a recurring monthly charge via add-on-1 or add-on-2 or add-on-3 (etc.) The clients should have the choice of eg; level-2-plus-add-on-1 or level-3-plus-add-on-2-plus-add-on-3-plus-add-on-4, etc.

To clarify, if I use a ccap it seems that this is a once-only charge for a permanent capability, useful but not what I need. I need a way to make the ccap a repeating charge, co-incident with the existing subscription. Again, modifying the level itself is not practical because of all the variations required. (I hope this is clear?)

I’ve looked, but can see no way to do this using s2member currently, but am thinking this must be a common enough requirement. Am I missing the obvious functionality somewhere?

Any helpful suggestions very much appreciated.

Hi Richard.

This is a limitation of the current implementation, which I plan to fix. I have been aware of if since 2011 and designed a new s2Member around it, but I wasn’t in control of development back then.

The way it works at the moment is: subscriptions are for levels, and only a single one possible at a time, no concurrent subscriptions.

For concurrent subscriptions to be sold, the subscr ID would need to be missing from the WP user’s profile, and it’d mean that when his subscription ends, s2Member won’t know that it needs to revoke that user’s access.

Of course there’s always the option of managing it manually, giving or removing the access by hand based on the customer’s subscription, but that’s not what you want.

I plan to take care of this as soon as I can get to that point. First I need to work on other parts that will be needed for this to happen.


ok, Cristián, I’ll try to figure out some kind of workaround involving levels. Thanks for the info.

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