Recomendation for Directory Plugin?

Hi All, I have been using S2 Member pro with the [WP Users Plugin] ( directory for sometime. Recently there was a security loophole and the developer never responded to people reporting it. After some sleuthing I see they have not posted anything anywhere since right around the time the pandemic started, and never responded to my recent technical support questions for plugins I bought newly from them.

Anyhow, I wondered if anyone has been using another plugin for their member directory that they want to recommend? I thought I would ask and see what people suggest.

Thanks, Kind Regards, S xo

Hi Sarah.

s2Member Pro has a directory you can use.

If you already have s2Member Pro, just add the s2Member-List shortcode to a page of your site.


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Thanks Clavaque, exactly what I was looking for! One follow up question. I was looking around how to display the level within the directory info? Under - " Membership Levels (required, please customize these)" ie… Student Level 1, Standard Level 2 etc…

But I cannot seem to find the short code to display that within the directory? :sweat_smile: I have tried “level” within the string of short code or “user_field” and finally roles which display the technical name, like “s2member_level1” :robot:, which is functional, but I want the nice name.:sunflower: for users to see the organizational categories that they know.

Current example:

s2Member-List enable_list_search="yes" /] [s2Member-List-Search-Box /] [s2Member-List levels="1","2", "3", show_fields="user_title,user_last_name,user_first_name,user_research,country,user_university,user_email,prof_website,roles" /]

Help most welcome, thanks for the continued support for this plugin!
S xo

In the show_fields attribute, have you tried s2member_access_label?

See also from the s2Member-List article, if you want to customize the column header labels: