Receive IPN from two Stripe/PayPal accounts

Is it possible to receive the ipn from two accounts each? Meaning old subscriptions incoming from account A at PayPal and new subscriptions and all new checkouts from new account B?
Same for stripe.

If so how to do this?

Background: cannot move subscriptions to an account in another country. It’s only possible to move them inside a country to another account. Problem seems to exist for both stripe (maybe possible to move) and PayPal (impossible to move to another country for sure)


I’d like to be able to do the same too!

For me it’s actually quite urgent. I know I can redirect the ipn location but not sure about what s2member does with another identifier and so on.

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Not sure if this is what you need but it works perfect for us using two different ipn listeners. You just edit the file and use the link as your payal IPN.

This webiste is not https secure to be aware of that.

Your solution is for the opposite problem. One PayPal, two IPN receivers (would help if someone has multiple websites using the same PayPal account for payment processing).

The problem here is two PayPal accounts for the same IPN receiver (same website, same s2Member).

s2Member would need to allow for multiple entries to accept multiple paypal accounts simultaneously. Otherwise it won’t recognize the IPN messages that come from any PayPal account that’s not the one s2Member is configured to listen to.

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Actually I have two websites listening to the same paypal and same stripe account. I don’t need any additional configuration for that - both websites are run on the same server however/same IP - at least I would not know what I’m missing.

As I have different prefixes for languages I just rewrite the paypal IPN in nginx - which could be of some help in some cases too - but yeah really need a solution for two listeners on s2member side of things.

rewriting (I think something similar would be needed if changing the URL of your website) - but it cannot help with two paypal accounts on same website.

location = /de/ { 
if ( $arg_s2member_paypal_notify ) { 
rewrite ^ / permanent;  }

Thanks! It will surely be useful for users that have two websites using the same PayPal account.

Like you said, can’t use multiple PayPal accounts for the same website(s). That option would be very useful when you move to another country, as you can’t change your PayPal account, or if you have multiple PayPal accounts for any other reason (perhaps because you want to offer multiple currencies without paying hefty conversion fees as PayPal won’t let you cash out in a currency that’s not the one used by your location to prevent you from using cheaper services like Transferwise or even not converting anything but cashing out to use whatever currency you got paid in later on without keeping that money in your PayPal account).

We all know how subscriptions are and anytime you need an action to keep subscriptions active you may lose half of your base, if not more, so whatever is done must not involve any friction.

I would be willing to pay for anyone implementing this - I really need a solution here because I moved and it seems in Europe banking compliance makes it hard to get money from my old paypal account - so I really need to only receive old subscriptions there - and new customers/prolongals on another account. Same for Stripe.

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Transferwise (Wise) is a good solution because they give you local bank details you can use to receive those payments.

Still, making the transition so new subscribers use your new PayPal while having the IPN notifications working for both or keeping both accounts open so you can accept multiple currencies isn’t feasible unless you are willing to process things for one of those manually (and, also, have manual buttons instead of the s2Member ones for one or more of your PayPal accounts).

I was told by a Stripe representative it’s possible to migrate your Stripe from one country into another when I asked them (I am possibly moving, not sure yet). They might be able to assist you, I think you will need to move your stuff from one account into another over there.

PayPal does NOT have this possibility. Therefore, PayPal subscriptions are stuck at their origin unless your subscribers cancel and resubscribe at your new location (and you don’t want to bother them asking and risking many cancellations, better to let them be). :grimacing:

It’s wise rejecting payouts because they are in my name, not the company name. Nothing to do with country - both inside EU.
I have my business account with Wise. PayPal/stripe send out money anywhere inside EU as long as name matches the receiving account name. So I send to personal wise account and try to forward to business wise instantly - but personal wise account rejects them asking for papers and doesn’t accept them as wrong country/no business…