Recaptcha2 not working

I don’t have recaptcha set up on the pro form, but just trying to use:

I get the captcha widget, but then I always get the error:

ERROR: Google reCAPTCHA verification failed.

and cannot login. I have been using the Advanced Google reCaptcha, which was working before, but is now exhibiting this behavior. I just want to use a fairly generic plugin if possible.

I tried a different plugin. This time I got:

ERROR : Incorrect ReCaptcha, please try again.

this was Login NoCaptcha Options

s2’s captcha setting is for the pro-forms only. s2 doesn’t interfere with the captcha on wp-login, that’s with the plugin you’re using for it.

You should probably check with them, since they’d be more familiar with what may be going on there.


I don’t know for sure, because I haven’t had that problem or had to troubleshoot it, but I’d try different browsers, too, just in case. Maybe something in your browser is messing with the captcha communication.

I have tried different browsers after deleting cache, etc. Back to the drawing board.

I see… Well, at least it doesn’t seem to be the browser…

You could check the browser’s console, and see if you notice any errors mentioned there.

Let me know if the guys from the captcha plugin give you any helpful clues.

I hope you can sort it out easily.


I will try to register a dummy account to see what happens.

It worked normally for both registration and log in.

Your emails are being flagged as spam, though, you should look into it later, maybe your domain or your server is flagged somewhere.

Your site also lacks the usual Wordpress navigation bar on top (once logged in) or any method to log out or edit the membership information once you leave the member page. I assume your site is still being built right now, but otherwise it would be nice to add those features even if you just add plain links somewhere always visible.

I had to turn the reCaptcha off for the time being until I have time to fix it. That is why you got in. Not sure about the other stuff.

The login logout and profile change widgets are only on the “Tribe Membership” page by design.

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Well, your site, your choice, but know that it’s not the best one from a usability standpoint IMHO :grimacing: (sorry if overstepping).

Where did you turn the captcha on/off? s2Member or another plugin?

I have tried two plugins as listed above. Both failed so I deleted them both. I’m going to look for something else later. I will be adding the other login widget later. I have other widgets that want to use the space, so I just have to figure out placement.