Question about emailing users based on user ccap

Hi Everyone

I am wondering if there is a way to send an email out to users that have a certain ccap. Is there a plugin that does this? I bought s2Email (NOT A PRODUCT OF JASON’s) from a user here a while ago and I do not want to go that route as I don’t think it is around anymore and it broke the timezone on the site.

Does anyone know of anyway to do this? I basically want to send emails out to users that have bought a ccap.


IDK which email list provider you’re using, but it’s super-easy if you wanted to self-host Mautic.

Unfortunately none of the large email providers have similar functionality unless you want to do custom coding.


I am using Active Campaign and have installed Krum’s plugin to integrate with s2M. It carries over the ccaps as tags in AC, and then, from there, anything can be done, to segment the list based on the tags/ccaps or even have conditionals inside the automations. I use that extensively.


Hi Cassel,

What plan do you use for Active Campaign, seems the per-user contact is expensive. My minimum price point is just over 6 USD per user.

Do you just do the basic plan, does that work? Do I need to match the number of contacts or is this just something on their side of hosting if you want that?

Thanks for any help on this,

I use the Lite plan. I don’t pay per user.

I am not sure what you mean by “matching the number of contacts”. I currently pay for 2500-5000 contacts, but that is because i am very very close to tip over the 2500. Not sure if that answers your question?

Thanks, Cassel,

That was the info I needed. I can’t see spending 3000 a year for what I would need, just for the basics. At the moment, I would be looking at over 6 USD a person.

We have both paid and non-paid members on our site. I also only need it once a year. I will stick with pulling the database and running it through a program I have on my computer. I figured if I could save 2 hours of my time and fully automate, it might be worth it.

Thanks for your time. I will keep an eye on this, cause once I am over the 100K mark it might be worth it to me. For the cost, I can maybe hire someone to write some backend code for me too.