Purchase tracking in Google analytics not functioning

This appears to be something that is relatively simple to set up, but after enabling Ecommerce set-up and adding the tracking codes I still don’t see anything on my GA dashboard.

Are there any known custom configurations or plugins that could interfere with this functionality? I haven’t been able to find many people who have run into issues with this so it’s been tricky to troubleshoot.

That code has worked for me for years and still worked today.

Sometimes they show up immediately, but sometimes it’s hours. It really depends on Google.

Have you enabled ecommerce tracking on the Analytics side as suggested in the article? You said you did, but maybe double-check?

Or maybe none of these have fired yet?

s2Member will display your Signup Tracking Codes in one of four possible locations… 1. If possible, on the Thank-You Return Page, after returning from your Payment Gateway. 2. Otherwise, if possible, on the Registration Form; after returning from your Payment Gateway. Note. If you offer a 100% free Trial Period, Tracking Codes will be displayed in location #2 when using PayPal Standard Button integration. 3. Otherwise, if possible, on the Login Form after Registration is completed. 4. Otherwise, in the footer of your WordPress theme, as soon as possible (immediately with s2Member Pro-Form integration) ; or after the Customer’s very first login.


There was an issue with the google analytics plugin that I was using. Once I got rid of that and installed a less cumbersome one, everything worked.