Protecting Reports from Non Members

I have protected files for members for a while now. Looking to move them to level 2 and introduce a Level 1. This is so reports which are generated as HTML each day can be accessed by clients who just need that, while existing members by Level 2 get to see them too.

My issue is because the reports are generated each day as HTML with different names and they must be viewed in a browser. This rules out the S2Member-File - download area to store them. These are not WordPress files BTW. I can protect the page (for Level 1 &2) which has a Link to these Report.html files, but want to ensure only subscribers can then view these.

The question therefore is how can I protect the html files by Memberships level away from the public. I was looking to use a folder off the web root called Reports Though if there is a S2Member folder that handles this that I am not aware of then that I would use.

I believe this should be possible with S2member but can’t find the answer, so please if anyone can suggest a nice way to do this that would be appreciated… Chris