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I am interested in purchasing S2Member but wanted to check something first.
Out of the 10 pages I have on my site there are 2 I do not want people to see unless they are logged in.
Can I use S2Member to protect the pages, show a message that they need to be logged in to view and take them to a register / log in page.
Also I do not want to charge to become a member.

Thanks for your help.

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You can accomplish this with the free s2member framework (

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Thanks Tim,

I’ll have a look into this.

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Great, I have this working now but is there a way to not show as the login page.
I use a plugin to hide the normal wp-admin but this does not work with S2Member

Any ideas?


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When people register set them to Level1. Then the custom redirect on login feature works. For some reason the s2member designers did not enable login redirect for Level0 users.

NOTE: There is no difference between Level0 “free users” and Level 1 users that you choose not to charge.