Profile Fields & Options not able to edit?

Recently updated options but not since the update to S2Member Pro plugin. With the change in how everything displays I also can’t edit the fields.
Clicking the pencil to edit does nothing.
Any advice?

I just tried this on my iPhone and I can open the area where I can edit the information for the field. What happens when you click on the pencil? Nothing?

I had this problem. I had to go to the desktop and make the browser full screen before I could click on the pencil. It’s a bad UI.

Nothing happens when I click on the pencil. I am on my laptop with full screen. I didn’t try on my phone with Android but now that you mention it that seems to work just fine. Why not with my laptop running Win10. Except if I zoom the screen to 125%. Bad UI is correct.
Got it working with the zoom so can move on now.