Problem unsuscribing user with guest paypal paid

Hi all,
we are now creating a new project, and we are using s2Member with paypal I´ve been making some tests and noticed that if someone makes the payment with the paypal guest option, then he will not be able to unsuscribe.
When hitting the button to unsuscribe paypal asks to login to the account. But since i did not create any account I cant cancel the subscricption.

Hi David.

Let me see if I understand: so you’re talking about a new customer that subscribes before registration, and still before registering the account would want to cancel the subscription?

That’s not very usual, but in that case he can do two things: register and then cancel from your site with the button; or go to paypal and cancel the subscription from his own account. He can also email you and ask you to end the subscription, actually.

It’s not possible to have the button to cancel his subscription if he’s not logged in and s2 can’t populate the button’s code with his subscription’s ID.

But I don’t think you’ll ever have that issue, though, and even if you do it would be easy to sort out.

Does that help, or did I misunderstand your question?


Hi Cristián and thanks for the answer,

that´s not the case, my english is not the best so i will try to explain it better.

What I did is to subscribe a new user, and for the payment I used the paypal guest option, so I didn´t used nor created a paypal user, just used the credit card number.

So, after subscribe into the site, I try to use the unsuscribe button. It does deactivate the wp user, but the payment subscription from paypal is not cancelled.

When I push the unsuscribe button, it just sends me to the paypal login screen, and since I don´t have a PayPal user tied to the payment subscription, I cant cancel the payment.

Hope it is now better explained, but if it´s not and you have any further question just tell me.


Hi David.

Thanks for the added details.

my english is not the best

From your name I’m guessing you probably speak Spanish? Ah, ya encontré tu website. Si quieres seguimos en Español… Pero te voy a seguir contestando en inglés si lo puedes entender, así queda un registro que otros pueden encontrar si tienen un problema similar. Tú me dices qué prefieres.

What I did is to subscribe a new user, and for the payment I used the paypal guest option, so I didn´t used nor created a paypal user, just used the credit card number.

How did you do that, though? Do you have PayPal Pro? You’re talking about buttons, so it’s PayPal Standard. Express Checkout and Standard don’t allow the user to subcribe as a guest, subscriptions always require the user to login to PayPal.


Guest payments can be allowed for buy-now payments, though. Is that what you’re doing? I’m not sure because you’re talking unsubscribing.

Please give me a bit more detail about what you’re doing to understand better what’s going on.


I have no problem to keep the thread in English, just in case you dont understand what im talking about, tell me and i will explain it in Spanish. :grinning:

I´ve used PayPalPro Forms to suscribe, and when the paypal window prompts there were the 2 options, use my paypal account to do the payment or use guest paypal option, where you just need to put the credit card data. And I tried this 2nd option.

The subscription was made without problems, the recurrent payment and the user were created.

And then, I used the button to unsuscribe the user and the problem was here. As I said the wp user deactivated but the recurrent payment was not. To cancel the payment paypal asked me for the paypal account I used, but since i did not used any… I cant do anything.

If you need anything else, just tell me.