Pro PayPal Form - Item # in Order Details


I am looking to see if it is possible to pass some custom text in the PayPal pro form so that the Item # in PayPal’s order details for the transaction is something more readable for my client.

For example, right now the Item # for a level 1 user’s submission is: Item # 1::1 Y

This appears to be (I may be wrong): User Level::: rp rt

Is it possible, via a shortcode attribute or some other method to pass a custom label for the Item # to PayPal? For example, “Associate Member 1 Year Membership”

Hi James.

There’s the “desc” (description) attribute, which you can word as you want. WP Admin > s2Member > PayPal Buttons > Shortcode Attributes > desc



Does that help? :slight_smile:

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Hello Cristián,

I am currently using the desc attribute in my pro paypal form shortcode.

We are needing to customize (if possible) the “1::1 Y” string shown in this screenshot for “Item #”.


Thank you for your help.

Ah, I see.

I’m sorry, that’s not customizable. If I’m not mistaken, s2 relies on that format to know the details.

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No worries, thank you for your help!

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