Pro license info gone from WP

Dear all, it happened several times that the license info for pro version (user name and license key) disappeared from our WP installation and S2M autimatic upgrade failed, the pro plugin deactivated and several pro features that are integrated with our site become inaccessible.

What is causing this license info loss, and how could we prevent is from happening again in the future?

Thanks for the tips in advance.

Hi Miklos.

The license info is not stored by s2Member. The updater fields are empty by default. You can use your browser’s password manager, or another one like LastPass, to fill it out for you, though.

You must have updated the Framework, so the Pro one you have now doesn’t match it, that’s why you’re asked to update it. Once you update s2Member Pro to the same version as the Framework’s, Pro activates automatically.

I’m making a note about this to take into account when improving the updater. Maybe storing the license info could be an option… Thanks for the feedback!

I hope that explanation clarifies what’s happening. Does it help? :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks for the answer, we already upgraded both the framework and the pro plugin successfully.

Letting the plugin remember the license info would be a great help for administrators of large and complex sites/webfarms!

Thanks again,

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