Pro-forms short code shows up on public search

Hi, Could someone help me with this?

I am using Stripe Pro Forms and when I search my website (as a logged-out user) the code shows up. How can I hide that?
Also, is there anyway to hide the payment portal pages from showing up in search at all? I want them to only be visible if someone clicks the link to pay. Thx!!

I just hid the page from wordpress search using the Hide from Search plugin.

Hi Gabriela.

It looks like those are the post excerpt without shortcodes being parsed. If as a test you use another shortcode at the beginning of those, does it not get parsed either?

One solution would be to customize your site to on the excerpt too.

Another solution would be to move the s2 shortcode beyond what the summary displays on search results.

About removing pages from the search result, you can try one of these:

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Cristián, this is good info!

The issue I had with the codes was a rookie mistake - I can just add the code inside the shortcode widget and it solves the problem. I’m using Elementor as my page builder and it works fine once I do it that way.

I really appreciate the links! I will save them for myself so I can learn more. :slight_smile: Merci.

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