Pro-form for Stripe AND Paypal?

I used to have only Paypal for payment processor. I just added Stripe and configured s2M for it.
Now, in my pro-form, I would like the user to use either Paypal, OR their credit card (which I was told would be handled by Stripe), but I cannot figure out how to have both on a single form.

This is the form with Stripe:
And this is the form with Paypal:

Can they be combined into one form to give the option to the user to either pay with Paypal or by Credit Card?

I have clients that prefer Stripe (credit card) and clients that prefer PayPal (credit card or PayPal direct). I have never tried to mix them together.

Why not just let them pay by credit card via PayPal?

That is what I was trying to do, but two recent customers said that even though Paypal seemed to offer the option to pay with credit cards, they had no choice than to create/use a Paypal account. I don’t know if something has changed at Paypal, but that is the factor that made me want to add Stripe (I also have just the regular PP account which does not let me accept cc right from the pro-form).

I have always found the PayPal payment page to be confusing and biased towards getting people to sign up for PayPal.

Add to the mix that one way to pay for your PayPal service is using your credit card (but you first have to sign up for a PayPal service to do so) and it adds to the confusion.

Add to the mix that PayPal now offers PayPal Credit cards ( and you can expect even more confusion.

I expect that your clients who feel they must sign up for PayPal to pay are getting confused by the badly organised and marketing biased payment page.

My suggestion would be to try it out yourself and take a screenshot of the payment page, circle what the customer needs to press to pay by credit card, and add the screenshot to your website checkout page.

Alternate possibility is if PayPal no longer supports credit card payments in specific countries where fraud is high. Check to see if the people who felt they had to become a PayPal member to pay were from countries with less PayPal coverage.

Both clients were from the US so that would not be the reason.
I will follow your suggestion and even make a tutorial if needed (it is annoying to have to explain that to people as they might not ask me, and might just choose to abandon the process altogether).

I don’t think adding a screenshot will dissuade purchasers.

If you really want to operate with Stripe for Credit Cards and still offer PayPal payments you could put a mandatory checkbox “Credit Card OR PayPal” in the last page of your shopping cart and then use Ajax to refresh the page with the appropriate form based on Stripe or PayPal depending on the user’s checkbox selection. You may be able to do this with an out-of-the-box forms plugin that can display conditionally based on the checkbox.

The pro-form doesn’t combine gateways yet. This is an option I want to allow in the future.

The pro-form for each gateway has to be in its own page, so you can link between them to change gateways.

PayPal allows cards without account if you enable that option and are not selling a subscription with PayPal Standard or Express Checkout.

So you can have Stripe as the default for card payments, and leave PayPal as an option for those that want to pay there.

So that would only work for Buy Now payments?

Making the PayPal account optional from the Website Payment Preferences page.