Pro Coupon Codes not tracking number of uses or showing in User details

We’re using Pro Coupon Codes. We created a test coupon code and used it to register and check out. We expected the “Uses” column for this coupon in WP Admin (Pro Coupon Codes page) to increment but it still shows zero. We also expected to see the coupon code listed when we edit the test user we created but the coupon code field is blank.

The coupon is working - the price is being discounted - but we need to be able to associate a user with the coupon code they used when checking out, and to track the number of uses of a coupon.

Any thoughts?

Anyone have a solution for this? Using Stripe, the s2member Pro coupon code is not captured in the database table. [wp_s2member_coupon_codes] => Array ( [0] => a:0:{} )

Pro coupon usage recording is working fine for me on the latest software. Because of that we need to figure out what is the common denominator for people whose pro coupons are not being recorded.

I only use coupons that are tied to a specific userid with a fixed expiry period and a max-use of one.

How are you configuring / using coupons (e.g. time-limited period but open to anyone, etc)