Price range membership level paiement, with min and max price

Hy everyone,

Is there is a way to a price range for the membership level paiement, with a minimum and a maximum to be paid ?

I’m yoga teacher moving my 200 students online with live classes with zoom on a wordpress and Event On Wordpress Plugin
I’m looking to use S2member to have them pay their monthly subscription.
But Hey ! My yoga students, they pay different prices !
Some pay 22€ per month but other pay much more.
We have done that because there are young women who have no financial situation, but need to practice yoga and there are some people who have a lot of money and can pay more to compensate those who pay less…

Thank so much.

Hi Marc.

Yes, you can set the price you want, different for different users, even if they all get the same level of access. You show the differently priced buttons to the different clients.

Does that answer your question? :slight_smile:

Hy Cristian,
Thank you for your reply
I appreciate very much :smiley:

but… can the client decide, i mean input their price ?

I need to allow my student to decide the amount they contribute on the subscription form, with let say a minimum and maximum contribution braquet

Because I cannot create all the prices… I have 22 prices different on my 200 students.
How will I show up all this ?

Thank you