Prevent expired credit card payment failure

Hi there,

I only use recurring payments with stripe pro forms, i’d like to know if there’s a way to send reminder email for customers with soon expiring credit card to prevent membership stopped.

I found the most recent topic about it, but from what i understand, there is no way yet to warn members about their cc expiring? (plus i’m not sure it will help prevent expired cc fail to send them reminder email that tey are going to be charged every time)

Is there something particular to configure? Or is there a way to get the information from stripe and then send reminder email?
I understand theres no billing info stored in WP, (and thats a good point), then what is the regular process : payment gets refused (because of expired cc), then membership is cancelled, member is demoted(when it is the eot behavior, not delete)… at that time an email is sent and cutomer has to make a new subsciption if he wants to continue?

Thanks for helping

The payment info is saved by Stripe, and the subscription is managed by them. They also have ways to update the customer’s card info when a card is replaced by the bank. See:

But I think maybe s2 could send an email about it too, just in case. I’m adding your vote for it.