Portfolio Category Restriction

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I have to protect 200+ Portfolio-items. The only way to do this I found is opening each an manually change the Post Level Restriction.

In s2members options I found the “Category Level Access Restrictions”, but this seems only to work for normal posts, not portfolios…

Is there another way to bulk-change portfolio-restrictions?

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Hi Andreas.

Is the Portfolio you’re talking about, a custom post type? If so, you could enter in the Posts Restriction: all-portfolio (assuming that’s the right name of the post type).


If there’s something common and unique to the URLs of the portfolio posts, you could use the Alternative Views restriction.

Or you can look for a plugin that lets you categorize or add tags to custom post types, and try those restrictions then.

Does that help? :slight_smile:

Hm, I am using Xtheme Pro from Themeco, I am not completly sure, but I think, portfolio there a custom posts.
But neither “all-portfolio”, “all-portfolios” nor “all-galerie” or “all-galeries” (“galerie” is my custom url slug) does the job.

In the Alternative Views restriction everything is checked, but my portfolios are still accessable…



Sorry, I meant to say URI restriction, not Alt Views… My bad…

If your custom slug for gallery posts is “gallery”, try that in the URI restriction.


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Jippie!! URI Restriction did it!
Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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