Plugin not removing member from active roles when Pay Pal payment not collected

Our system was set up originally to demote paying members to a consumer role when they cancelled their Pay Pal profile or whenever we couldn’t collect via Pay Pal for any reason at all. Then we changed it to simply send notifications when their payment failed, remind them in 5 days and if no response, we set it to delete them from our system after a few more days.

However, this is not working now. I had a failed Pay Pal payment on March 13th and I am still showing this member as active in our users DB. Is there something we’re missing in the S2Member module in order to remove these members from our system? If there is a specific topic in S2Member where we can make the necessary change would you please be so kind as to point us to it?

Thanks in advance

Hi Tim,

Is this a custom S2Member implementation. I was not aware that any of the feature sequences you described were offered by s2member out-of-the-box. I’m happy to be corrected. Always good to learn something new.

S2member does not own user accounts management…WP core does. So s2member will attach / change payment / subscription / protection metadata to a user account but won’t actually touch the user account. I was not aware that s2member ever deleted user accounts. Does it? I only ask because you mentioned “delete them from our system”.

Our S2Member account was set up by our original webmaster who is no longer with us. Initially, when Pay Pal payments ceased, for whatever reason, our members were demoted to “Consumer” status which allowed them access to public posts but not protected content. Later, I requested it to be changed so that failed payments received two notifications and if the member didn’t update their Pay Pal data or just failed to respond, they were completely removed from the system. This was working just fine until recently. Now, if payments are not received the member is still remaining active in the user data base.

Our S2Member plugin communicates with Pay Pal so is this a hiccup with S2M or Pay Pal? I’ve checked the S2M settings and they appear to be the same so I’m just trying to figure out where the gap is that’s allowing expired members to continue to access protected content. I suspect this could be tied to a recent S2M update but I do not know who to contact to verify that.


It sounds like you have some custom code. I could be wrong. Have a look in your mu-plugins which is where s2hacks are placed.

Sorry I don’t know what an mu-plugin is? I am the admin but I didn’t set this up.

Go to your site admin and look for plugins menu. See if you have any MUST-USE plugins.

Another check is to see if you are using a child-theme. Look under Appearance/Themes admin menu. If that is the case the child theme functions.php file may include some custom code.