Paypal subscription services sunsetting auto billing?

When I logged into our recurring payments dashboard, I was greeted with this message at the top:

"PayPal will be retiring Auto Billing from our suite of recurring payments products on January 31st, 2023 . Merchants will not be able to use Auto Billing to receive payments after January 31st, 2023 . If you use the Auto Billing product, please sign up for PayPal’s Subscription management product to continue receiving payments after 31st January 2023.

Please be aware any customers currently signed up for recurring payments using the Auto Billing product will need to create new Subscription billing plans to prevent disruption in service and that you may need to reach out to your customers to manage any outstanding payments that were enabled by Auto Billing."

Anyone know what might be up or how I can fix this? When I log into manage subscriptions, it states I have zero active subscriptions. Considering the sheer number of active subscribers, I’d hate to have interruptions in billing!

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OMG! That would be awful because you’re very unlikely to recover all your existing subs. Many will just passively cancel (as they likely passively kept their subscriptions active)… :dizzy_face:

@clavaque, have you found anything out? Will S2Member stop working with Paypal after Jan 31?

Just to clarify, when I go into the Subscription overview it says I don’t have any subscription plans and haven’t taken any subscription payments, but if I click on Subscriptions, all my recurring clients are listed. So I’m not certain if it’s on an auto billing or subscription for S2Member…

So, any word if we have to change the code for our buttons or there will be a new S2Member link to use instead?

I have to send invoices out in a few days and don’t want t ooffer the subscription until I have S2Member set up correctly.

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I did a little more digging, and I think we’ll be okay with s2member. As far as I can find, (and believe me, it’s about as clear as mud), Paypal isn’t doing auto billing if our users are in the subscriptions tab. It looks like Auto billing was discontinued as an option to even place a few years ago. Fingers crossed that it’s correct information! Just hoping that @clavaque can come back to reassure us, because the developer codex makes my mind go blank.