PayPal Subscr. Modif Level 1 from FREE subscriber still work?

As per release 190822 which addresses PayPal’s Subscription Modification Button update…How does it now work when a free subscriber (Level 0) wants to upgrade to Level #1 (Paid).

In the past, you’d use modify=1 and level=1 in the PayPal button code.

I understand that PayPal now defaults/forces to use modify=0 but how does s2Member handle this or how should a custom PayPal button be coded. (I am using standard PayPal subscribe button code with the extra advanced variables).

Does s2Member still work when a free subscriber wants to upgrade to Level #1?

use modify=0 - it will work. And don’t forget the modify=0 in all your payment buttons - otherwise you may encounter some errors.

Thank you Felix,

I also posted a topic about upgrading from (PAID) Level 1 to (PAID) Level 2.

Does this modify=0 code also apply for paid member upgrades (and downgrades)?

Thank you.

it should but just check up after the first person paid - I think the modify was intended to modify an existing subscription amount. E.g. increase from 10€ each month to 11€ each month (there was a strict percentage limit how much you can increase each year - I think 10-20% or so).