PayPal Subscr Modif / EOT upgrade Issues?

How does it now work when a Level 1 user upgrades to Level 2 within the EOT window.

I know that users must now manually unsubscribe in PayPal as opposed to previously being able to automatically upgrade. But im wondering how EOT is handled now when a user desires to upgrade from Level 1 to Level 2 when their EOT still has some days left.

For example, if the user subscribed to Level 1 on Jan 1st (for a monthly subscription) and then decides to upgrade to Level 2 on Jan 15th (so at this point they will have to unsubscribe in PayPal and then EOT is still 15 days left until Jan31st) will s2Member automatically extend their EOT to Feb 15th when they click on the Level 2 Subscribe button within the membership site.?

So in other words, when the user unsubscribes from Level 1 on Jan 15 (which is now required as per PayPal’s Modify subscription changes) and then the user wants to also upgrade to Level 2 on that same day on Jan 15, when they log back into my site then click Level 2 subscribe, will s2 automatically extend their now-new Level 2 subscription to Feb 15 even though they still have 15 days left until Jan 31 for the initial Level 1 EOT which was between Jan 1st to Jan 31 (but they unsubscribed/upgraded on Jan 15). Does s2 handle the EOT/upgrading process automatically?

Also, is there a way that a Level 1 user can upgrade to Level 2 without having to first go into PayPal to unsubscribe? In the past, using the modify="#" parameter this was the case but now PayPal has deprecated that modify code, is there still a way to “modify” users up and down without them having to manually unsubscribe then go back into their membership account to select the desired upgrade plan (level 2).

This new issue of not needing the modify code now creates a bad user experience. Does anyone agree or am I missing something with how the process works for upgrading (L1 to L2) or even downgrading (L2 to L1). Is the extra step of having to physically log into PayPal and click unsubscribe a must or is there a more automated work-around?