Paypal redirect on specific post/page (buy now) is a broken link

I just implemented a “specific post/page (buy now)”.
After Paypal payment the user is redirected to:“”

(I replaced my domani with in this message and I edited the tinyurl link for privacy).
If I remove all the rest and just paste the TinyUrl link, it works.

This is the ProForm code

[s2Member-Pro-PayPal-Form sp="1" ids="1524" exp="72" desc="Acquista Come Usarlo Senza Farsi Usare, a 4,90 €" ps="paypal" lc="" cc="EUR" dg="0" ns="1" custom="" ra="0.01" accept="paypal" accept_via_paypal="paypal" coupon="" accept_coupons="0" default_country_code="" captcha="0" /]

Maybe unrelated but the Confirmation Email was not sent

What is the PayPal Auto-Return URL on this panel: WP Dashboard → s2Member →PayPal Options → PayPal PDT/Auto-Return Integration?

again, I solved this by using Buttons instead of Forms

I’d really like to solve this problem as I am creating a new form and I don’t want a button.
Any idea on where to look for a solution?

two years later I solved this.
In the Pro Form I added:

btw - you know that you are breaking VAT laws? You cannot include IVA for buyers outside of Italy (it would be okay if you only sell B2B with VAT number outside of Italy only). And without requiring address you cannot even proof where your buyer is from (you need 2 independent proofs, only one may be user indicated. IP is one, but the second one would be address or verified address).

better read up about VAT MOSS - because your biz is clearly breaking EU VAT regulations! Selling e-courses you have to pay VAT at your buyers location, not at your business location.

The course is in Italian and I always assume the buyer is from Italy and pay the VAT to moss on all of them.

You cannot include IVA for buyers outside of Italy

that does not sound correct.
I HAVE to add VAT for all Europeans without a EU VAT number, pay it to the local Tax office and they will remit it via MOSS.

The exception is when in the next page they give me a EU VAT number, so I refund the VAT.
When I use buttons I create two of them, one with full price for non VAT EU holders and the other one without VAT for those who provide the number I check on VIES.
Do you know if there is a way to do this with forms (without creating two forms)?
Anyway, thanks for the prompt, I added address requirement now.

Nope, they will not. You have to pay to a special account - MOSS account. Yes you have to add VAT - but not IVA. You have to add the local buyers VAT. Actually if your turnover is below 100.000€ - you can just base it on IP. Italian IP, Italian IVA foreign IP - foreign VAT. No need for address in that case. You could instead however also require address - and don’t look at the IP address (I guess most buyers want to have their address on their receipt/invoice - well and if they are Italian B2B I guess they want an e-invoice). I could not deduct an receipt over 100€ without my address on it. Below I could (not sure how it’s in Italy). Using either IP or address - you have to stick to a pattern and always use the same, plus record it for 10 years (same as invoices).

It’s two different accounts - one is your local IVA (monthly or quarterly depending on your turnover, maybe even yearly?), the other is the quarterly MOSS.

Also you have to issue invoices depending on the country - some countries require invoices, some only if the buyer asks for it. In Italy even e-invoices for B2B (but I guess you know about the dreaded e-invocing, which at least is not required AFAIK for B2C e-commerce transactions, Maybe also B2B e-commerce is excluded?). Additionally to the MOSS you have to state those sales on your esterometro - but that is Italian law, not EU law so a bit different. I’m moving to Italy next year so I’m just getting my head bummed by crazy Italian laws concering esterometro and e-invoicing (FatturaPA).

For normal invoices is a great solution, for FatturaPA / SdI I don’t know any good system working with s2member.

And no - just because your course is in Italian, you cannot assume all buyers are from Italy…

A good solution for VAT is to use Thrivecart for checkout instead of s2 pro-forms, that would check VAT number and automatically deduct IVA/VAT. Some user reported he got it working for s2member with a custom integration. Thrivecart will be good enough for you IF global turnover is below 100.000€
Not sure how good Thrivecart invoices are - they used to be shitty (meaning not legal).

I don’t operate from Italy as you probably assumed but I’m in a EU country

doesn’t change anything about VAT being paid into two accounts however (and the need to differentiate the VAT rate based on the country of course, also on the invoice/receipt). But yeah it simplifies your life regarding the crazy Italian VAT regulations/invoicing requirements (crazy not because they are stupid, but because if every country comes up with such a system without EU/OECD regulation on how to do it - it’s sheer madness. I’m all for e-invoicing, but please standardize it).

BTW - your page is also missing your business address and a secondary way of contacting you besides email in your disclaimer or privacy policy, another illegal thing. Also I would never buy something on a website without proper disclaimer - that is usually a sign for fraud. Also privacy policy in Italian, but disclaimer in English is strange.

the address is in the Privacy Policy.
Anyway, I think we are OT now.

Regarding customers from outside Europe, IVA cannot be added (it would be okay if you only sell B2B with VAT number outside of Italy only). But without asking for a location, you cannot even prove where a customer is from; you need two independent proofs, only one of which may be provide dead link checker by the user. The first is IP, whereas the second is a location or a confirmed address.