PayPal Pro Form not Working, ZERO Charge


I have set up PayPal pro form (but I don’t pay for PayPal’s professional thingy).

When a user clicks on “check out with paypal” at the bottom of the form they’re take to log on PayPal.

Then, the user logs on PayPal, selects the source for the recurring payment, the system sends the user back to the page with the subscription form without any notification or anything and makes a 0 dollar charge on the payment method (I know because I just tested it).

What could I have been doing incorrectly? I need to use PayPal Pro Form because ony EU Subscribers pay VAT.

If I give myself a 99% Off coupon PayPal doesn’t charge anything and the subscription is created normally.

Thanks in advance!


Do you have button encryption disabled?

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Found it!

Yes, non encrypted payments are blocked.

I turned it off right now, do you think that would be causing the issue?

I never had problems with that before, though, but I never used PayPal Pro forms from s2Member.

Seems to be an issue related to PayPal Standard, which is what you are using even with the Pro form. The PayPal buttons are no longer working unless you have the $20/month Pro account with PayPal.

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Really? I can’t afford that. No way.

Is there anything @clavaque can do to fix the plugin or should we just stop using it?

Or maybe a new set of instructions. I turned encryption off, since I only give restricted content manually anyways and I have a microscopic community. I am going to test things out later (had too much to drink a while ago, sorry). :woozy_face::cocktail:

Have a drink if you can too. Enjoy your evening! :cocktail::cocktail:

Apparently @clavaque is working on updating s2Member to PayPal’s new system, but I have my doubts that it’s possible, otherwise it would have (should have) been updated a long time ago. But, fingers crossed.

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Well, I’ll have to stop accepting PayPal otherwise. I wasn’t getting much interest anyways.

I hope the plugin can be updated to benefit from the latest PayPal and Stripe updates one way or another, before it’s too late and we can’t use it anymore.

It would be VERY sad and a pain to migrate.

That’s an odd behavior… The pro-form integrates with Express Checkout, not with Standard…

I don’t know that the encrypted buttons setting would affect Express Checkout…

Yes, non encrypted payments are blocked.

Did changing that setting in your PayPal options, make the subscription payment go through correctly?

Did you have logging enabled? Can I see your shortcode and log entries?

I hope the plugin can be updated to benefit from the latest PayPal and Stripe updates

Stripe is working, or are you having a problem? For PayPal I’m working on the Checkout integration.

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