PayPal Pending payments

I appreciate this may be a PayPal specific question rather than s2

I’ve had a recent sign up through PayPal, using a button not a pro form.
The customer purchased a monthly recurring subscription, their account was set up properly on the s2 side of things within WordPress. They’re able to login and access my site.

However, within PayPal it says that the transaction is “pending” and due on June 1st.
I’ve never seen this before (maybe I just haven’t been paying much attention)

Is there a reason why it might be pending? Do I need to do anything? I’ve tried looking through PayPal for documentation, but everything, as always is a clear as mud their.


Have a look at the PayPal logfile. That will help you / us sort out what happened. NOTE: If you post the logfile remember to obfuscate any customer info and credit card info


Did they pay by e-check? I’ve had several e-check payments over the years and they are always delayed. It’s annoying because s2Member (Pro) gives them access to my site as soon as they sign up, even though their payment is delayed by a week or two. Thankfully it doesn’t happen very often.

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