PayPal Payments Pro discontinued?

PayPal Payments Pro (link below) says it is being discontinued. We wanted to upgrade a client to Pro to use some of its features. Is s2member supporting the replacement?

PayPal isn’t accepting new users for this feature, and we require existing users to upgrade to our Advanced Debit and Credit solution

Payments Pro was discontinued long ago (still works for existing users but not accepting new users), and s2Member does not support PayPal’s new integration. This has been a problem with s2Member for years, so don’t expect any updates.


I think if PayPal ‘force’ this on older users who use direct buttons, there is going to be chaos, as it is certainly not simple for the average business user to integrate what PayPal is forcing (and hiding). We’ve looked at it already, and it is a serious can of worms that needs a developer to implement.

Why break something that’s worked perfectly well for 20+ years? Madness in my opinion, although I also suspect there’s a hidden agenda by PayPal here.


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This was resolved. PayPal upgraded client to Payflow Pro.

Is your client still using s2Member with Payflow Pro?

Yes, we just upgraded them during April.

Is your client using the Pro version of s2Member with Payflow Pro? And was there anything that needed to be done with s2Member to get Payflow Pro to work or was it all done on PayPal’s end?