PayPal notice of updated IP ranges for API services

I received this email from PayPal yesterday:

“To support PayPal’s ever-expanding global footprint, we have updated the published IP ranges for API services . Customers who choose to list the API service IPs will need to update the ranges allowed. Failure to update your allow list could result in loss of ability to connect to PayPal API services.”

It then linked to this page listing the new IP ranges for various services:

Is this something that needs to be addressed in s2Member? Thanks.

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Hi Stephen,

Don’t worry, it’s not relevant. I reviewed the s2 codebase to make sure, and s2 doesn’t use the IPs, it connects to the API’s URL. There’s only mention of the IPs in an example file of the Pro Extras zip.


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Thanks Cristián. I assumed it was not relevant. But anytime PayPal says “we just made changes that could prevent you from being paid ever again”, I worry.

Thanks for looking into it!