PayPal No Guest Check-out

When using pro-forms and customer selects PayPal it does not allow guest checkout for subscriptions. If I don’t use the pro-form and just the standard PayPal button for subscription , that is created in s2memebr, it allows guest checkout. Is there a way to update the pro-form to use the same checkout as the free version?

PayPal never allows that. Cannot do subscription for non PayPal members, they could not cancel their subscription. More annoying is that PayPal doesn’t allow subscription without a credit card. Nothing here for S2 to change

If I use the Free version of s2member and create a subscription button it allows this function. It does not in the Pro version.

You do not need an account because it sets you up as a account number. Then when they go to modify it changes the details by the account number sent.

people need to login into their paypal account to cancel a subscription. How is this supposed to work without a paypal account.

Single payment is fine without paypal account. Also without credit card if you have paypal account.
Subscription needs paypal account and credit card linked.

Did you ever try if the subscription actually goes through? Yes you can place the button but it won’t work for a non paypal user. They will be asked to create a paypal account on subscribing.

Stripe allows subscription without account.

I agree that PayPal free does not but to use Pro-forms you need PayPal Pay flow Pro and that allows you to have subscriptions without a PayPal account. Modifications are done from the modification codes used by s2member. It just uses an account number that is assigned by the website and modifications are done through that account. So to cancel there is a s2member shortcode button on my site that reaches out to PayPal and cancels the membership. PayPal plays no rule with the user other then processing.

Ah, payflow isn’t available in my country. There is only one private and one business version of PayPal, so never used that. I can only use proforms but no subscription for non PayPal members.

on my end PayPal is working i use it to buy lo buy lot of things in subs including affordable smoker grill combo and other lot of other things. It’s working fine on my end :slight_smile: