PayPal Integration Non Compliant

There is a post here on this topic back from March with no responses from the s2member team:

s2Member’s integration with PayPal is non compliant with the European PSD2 directive which requires all payments to support Strong Customer Authentication (which normally means when you make a payment the bank can perform extra checks like SMS authentication, etc). This is a legal requirement.

We have used s2member for years but PayPal are now telling us if we don’t become compliant soon our account will be closed down. We have been waiting months for s2member to fix this but there has been radio silence.

Please can you advise if this is something you are likely to look at and fix because without it, s2member will not be viable to use in Europe.

Hi Sam,

I’m really sorry I missed that other conversation. There was a while when I was only answering helpdesk emails, not coming to the forums.

I’m guessing you’re using PayPal Pro, right? That integration needs to be rewritten to support 3DS. For now, the pro-form integration with PayPal Express Checkout would work, since it happens on their site instead of your site (for this you’d remove the cards from the accept shortcode attribute, leaving only “paypal”, see WP Admin > s2Member Pro > PayPal Pro-Forms > Shortcode Attributes > accept and accept_via_paypal)

For on-site payments with 3DS support, there’s the Stripe integration, which has already been rewritten with their new APIs for this.