Paypal changed some implementation for new user payments?

Since about 8 hours I haven’t gotten a single new payment via paypal - only subscriptions.
After clicking on pay there is the notice --> “Die letzte Aktion konnte nicht abgeschlossen werden” translated like the last transaction could not be finished - pleasy try again in 30 minutes…

Not sure if there is a paypal problem - or rather paypal changed something that makes payments for new users impossible?

I think PayPal has had some issues lately. I had someone contact me the other night saying they were getting error messages from PayPal when trying to sign up for a membership. But when they tried again later, everything worked fine.

I checked my site’s error logs and saw nothing, so it must have been a PayPal issue. Other than that one incident, everything has been working fine. I’m using PayPal with s2Member Pro.

well yes - now i receive some paypal payments again for one time/initial payments. But still a way larger than normal share of payments via stripe - so I guess something is wrong/changing at paypal. They often do staged updates so some new thing will only happen for some payments…