Paypal Button....users are now able to set their own price?

Today I had someone use the s2member Paypal button my site and I noticed they only got charged $1 when I have a $14.99 monthly subscription price.

To check, I clicked on the the Paypal button on my site and when I click on it, it’s now letting users set the unit price because the “Price per item” is blank!!! So someone can just put in $1 and be charged $1.

I haven’t made any changes to my Paypal buttons for years and they’ve always worked.

After further investigation I also found that a montly subscription for this person was never set in Paypal even though it should’ve been. It’s like it was a “name your own price buy it now” even though it’s not set up that way.

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your buttons must be encrypted - that is a problem since 7-8 months - you need to use unencrypted buttons (then users could change the link text to change price - but by default price is correct).

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Please use PayPal to create your buttons manually and manage your subscriptions manually as well, if you don’t have a massive amount of subscriptions.

That’s what I currently do, as I only manage a handful of (very nice) people.

I’ll see what’s possible after I have at least a place for us to keep the conversation and some knowledge available at

I really hope @clavaque is okay. Meanwhile I’ll do this in hopes to keep the project alive somehow.

I apologize in advance for the time it might take me to get things done. :pray:t2:

I absolutely cannot handle subscriptions manually. I charge low amount but have thousands of subscriptions. Needs to be automatic. So any plugin that fails here I cannot use. It’s the most essential step.

Stripe’s integration work well right now.

Still, there’s glitches there too. Plus it does not meet standards for chargeback protection, in case you’re paying Stripe for it. Please keep that in mind as well.

Yeah I have too many Paypal subscribers to do it manually.

I do have Stripe and it’s been fine. I’ve removed the Paypal buttons for now and only give the option to subscribe via Stripe for any new subscribers.

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That’s a great strategy for now.